The Ultimate Guide to Essential Maternity Nappy Bag Packing

The Ultimate Guide to Essential Maternity Nappy Bag Packing - Regal Allure

As an expectant parent, you're about to embark on an incredible adventure—one that involves diaper changes, baby giggles, and countless precious moments. But before you set off, let's talk about the unsung hero of parenting: the maternity nappy changing bag.


What should you look for in a Maternity Changing Nappy Bag:

Your bag is like Mary Poppins' magical carpet bag—it holds everything you need and then some! Here's our tips of what to stash inside:


**Diapers**: Obviously! Pack enough to rival a diaper mountain. You never know when your little one will decide it's time for a surprise change. Calculate it around 1 nappy per 2 hours out (3 to 5 usually do the trick).


diaper mountain

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**Baby Clothes and Bibs**: A couple of adorable onesies, tiny socks, bibs, and a hat. Because you never know the weather, it might be cold when you go out and sunny on your way back, so be prepared!

**Blanket or Shawl**: For snuggles, warmth, or just to lay in grandmom’s bed.

**Baby Dummies**: If you are against it or favor, baby dummies, it’s better have it and not use it than not having, trust us on this one.

**Chewing Toys**: Your baby will chew anything when those little teeth pop up so you better be prepared.

**Baby Bottles**: Whether you're breastfeeding or using formula, these are essential.

**Milk Formula or Baby Food Containers**: Because a hungry baby waits for no one.


Is not all about what to put inside, but what to expect from a maternity changing nappy bag as well. Here is the main features you should look for:


**Space**: As you can see from the list above, you need a roomy bag, with space but easy to carry.


maternity bag space

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**Waterproof Wonder**: Rain or shine, your bag should be ready. Opt for a waterproof one—bonus points if it doubles as a crib.

maternity bag crib
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**Easy-Clean Interior**: Babies are adorable mess-makers, and sometimes, so it’s the parents. Choose a bag that wipes clean effortlessly.

**Convertible Comfort**: Whether you sling it over your shoulder or wear it as a backpack, make sure it's comfy to carry.

**Baby Stroller Compatibility**: Attach it to your stroller like a pro. Because pushing a stroller and juggling a bag is an Olympic sport.

**Personal Belongings Space**: Toss in your wallet, keys, and maybe a lipstick (because why not?).

**Phone Charging Port**: If available is an extra perk! Keep your phone juiced up while you're on the move.


Maternity bag list for your labor day


When the big day arrives, your nappy changing bag becomes your trusty sidekick. Here's what the NHS recommends for you to carry on your labor day:


**Bodysuits, Vests, and Sleepsuits**: Your baby's first wardrobe! Pack a few in different sizes.

**Going-Home Outfit**: Choose something adorable for that memorable exit from the hospital.

newborn first clothes
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**Tiny Accessories**: A soft hat, mittens and cozy socks or booties.

**Nappies (Lots of Them) **: Stock up!

**Snuggly Shawl or Blanket**: Keep your little one warm and snug.

**Muslin Squares or Bibs**: Against dribbles and spills.

**Car Seat or Carrycot **: Buckle up! You'll need it for the journey home.


Remember, your nappy changing bag isn't just a bag—it's your parenting sidekick. So, choose wisely, pack thoughtfully, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! 🌟

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